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PUSHMOWER has been called the most notorious band in Florida. They are a four piece, high energy, full assault rock band based out of Southwest, FL. The band was originally founded as a punk band in 1996 by Edd Snook and his long-time friend Jason Constable. After laying the groundwork for the hard-grinding PUSHMOWER they parted ways in 2000. Throughout the next few years the band endured a few line-up and style changes and has now found their strongest identity with the current line-up of Dreg Dope (vocals), Jeremy Piquette (bass), Edd Snook (guitar) and Robbie Vogel (drums). Their vast musical influences, everything from punk to metal to jazz fusion, have helped PUSHMOWER create a sound that is unique and identifiable.

All of the PUSHMOWER music is original and their single "War Machine" has been featured in rotation on WJBX 99.3 in Fort Myers, FL and has recently received airplay on 105.9 The Buzz in Sarasota, FL, WJRR 101.1 in Orlando, FL and other rock stations nationwide. Their music has also been featured on nationally syndicated rock shows TLP Show, Rock Solid Pressure, The Jay Stone Show on ROCKmetalTALK.com, Jessica Wylde, Kimmi and the Metal Deli, The Soupy Gato, and Localized Radio. PUSHMOWER has recorded over 50 songs over the years, working with Bieler Bros Records in 2010 on a three-song demo and has recently returned to the studio to record a new album. The new album reflects the degree of maturation and enhanced complexity which they have developed into a unique and identifiable signature sound. The evolution is clear, the elements that created PUSHMOWER are well preserved and represented but now at a much more advanced level.

They have brought their aggressive rock and hard hitting live performances to venues across Florida, from Jacksonville to Miami. In late 2009, PUSHMOWER won the 99X WJBX Championship competition, beating out 15 other bands, for the right to open the 99X-Mas Ball concert featuring national acts Avenged Sevenfold, Shinedown, Atreyu, and Framing Hanley. Not new to sharing the stage with national acts, PUSHMOWER has also performed with Saliva, Mushroomhead, Tantric, (Hed)PE, Stereoside, Samus Theory, Smile Empty Soul, Another Black Day, Straight Line Stitch, Ratt, Bullet Boys, Atheist, WASP, Eye Empire, Viasava, Texas Hippie Coalition and Clenchfist. The energy in their live shows has earned them a strong reputation of being a great live band. DowntownFort-Myers.com said of PUSHMOWER, "Keeping audiences at the edge of their seats, with their what are they gonna do next attitude, PUSHMOWER is a band you don't want to miss!!!!!!" For dates and locations where you can catch a PUSHMOWER show click here.

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Dreg's signature vocal style brings an edge to the PUSHMOWER sound. Influenced by power metal singers from the 70's to the 90's, he performs with an intricate mix of aggressive growls and screams with rich, powerful, and melodic vocal lines. Dreg's creative lyrics and unique phrasing add intensity and vision to PUSHMOWER. His powerful vocals and charismatic energy complete a PUSHMOWER show that is unparalleled.


Jeremy holds together the PUSHMOWER rhythm section. He is influenced by many of today and yesterday's rock/metal bassists. Jeremy has a rigorous practice regiment and is constantly improving his craft. He's proficient with fast, rapid-fire, and aggressive finger work, yet is capable of fluid, smooth and melodic runs. Jeremy has become an integral part of the PUSHMOWER machine by laying down earth-shaking grooves and intelligent bass lines.


Influenced by guitar greats such as Jimmy Page, Darrell "Dimebag" Abbott, the Edge and Johnny Ramone, Edd brings aggression and precision to PUSHMOWERS' unique sound. He graces the fret board with intricate phrasing, machine gun riffs, and tasteful leads. His energy is the spark that ignites the bands' raw intensity at it's core. Edd's years of guitar playing and writing ingenuity help to stimulate the bands' ability to excel at creating song structures that are strong and edgy with enough excitement to capture the ears of the mainstream or underground audiences alike.


With 20+ years of drumming accomplished, Robbie Vogel is the force that drives PUSHMOWER. His influences range from early jazz drummers to modern metal drummers. He was raised in a musical family and was most influenced by his father, a touring jazz drummer. His wide range of influences gives PUSHMOWER their unique style. Robbie delivers double bass, complex grooves, and tasteful tom work into each and every song. His drumming is uncannily tight and powerful. Whether on stage, or in the studio, Robbie pours his heart and skills in to the music.